Servitude (was: Lenina)

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Thu Aug 5 11:26:12 EDT 2004

> That feels to me like an escape from slavery, to be honest. It may be that 
> after the initial mistake, it wasn't the cwidder itself that compelled her; 
> but to be kept in servitude by one's own honour is worse, in a way, because 
> whilst one can at least try to escape from something imposed from outside, one 
> cannot run away from one's own honour and so the situation into which it 
> forces one is inescapable.

The theme of servitude, voluntary or otherwise, seems to run as a thread 
throughout at least half of DWJ's stories. Not always up front and center stage, 
perhaps, but it's deffinitely there. Or it's there as an alternate 
interpretation if one only chooses to apply it.

A good reminder that one's work is an essential part of one's life. 
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