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Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at
Fri Apr 30 17:54:18 EDT 2004

>The trick is to find questions which have multiple choices, rather than
>just "yes/no", where possible

Well, that depends on what type of quiz it is. The book and country quizzes
are actually quite simple, pyramid-type quizzes, in which each question has
exactly two possible outcomes, each leading to two more outcomes, etc. - 8
questions, to the power of two, makes for 64 options. The first step in
building a quiz of this type would hence be to decide upon 64 distinct DWJ

The multiple-choice type quiz has a trickier algorithm, probably, because
some of the answers I assume would cancel each other out. But I could think
of some DWJish questions for this, too, such as:

Describe your relationship with your mother:
- she's domineering and indifferent
- she's a bit scatterbrained and doesn't always understand me, but I love
- she's dead

And the one you gave is actually a good one, but needs more options:

>When you are called on unexpectedly, are you likely to be wearing:
>- t-shirt and jeans
>- business suit
>- brocade dressing-gown

> dress with petticoats and high-topped boots
> something dashing, if it hasn't suddenly expanded or discolored

ooh, and one of those things Vivian had to wear in Time City, or a Dorig
swimming costume, or a woven tunic...

Once again, however, I fear the true starting point is picking out the
characters you'd like to give as options, and then backtracking from there.

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