Shameless bid for attention (totally OT)

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Fri Apr 30 11:21:01 EDT 2004

Well, it's up! Three and a half weeks of word-whipping later.

Not to set off the complete Jones vs. Rowling debate again, but I have been 
taking a fairly active part in the Potter fandon on my other lists over the 
last few years, and there is Potter-related material strewn all across my 
website. In return the Pottermainacs provide me with (royalty-free) material to feed 
my hobby of designing books. 

I've just uploaded a complete reworking and reorganization of the Red Hen 
essay collection regarding the Potterverse itself as interpreted according to 
moi. If anyone here is actively interested in the subject they might like to 
check it out.

All the essays have been gone over and updated, some rewritten extensively, 
the longest and most rambling broken up into single subjects, and everything 
checked for compliance with new material noted in Phoenix. There are even a few 
new ones.

Much of the new material was discussed first on WIKtT or in the Café at 
witchfics, but not all of it, and some of those earlier discussions have been 
somewhat modified since their original postings.

And, the whole area has been reorganized. It may be found at:

Although I doubt that there are any of them in this august company, any 
fanwriter is welcome to use any of the theories posted here, it would be nice if 
the author mentioned the source, but I won't sulk if they don't. I would only 
hope that if someone takes a theory to springboard off of and makes noticable 
modifications that they would mention that their theory is not the same thing as 
my therory.

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