Fun quiz and...

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Fri Apr 30 08:16:35 EDT 2004

> 	But think of the lashings of ginger beer you'd get to drink! That
> would be worth it, surely?

:)  Not sure if it would compensate!    I opted for scones, biscuits and 
whatever, so think I'd prefer plenty of tea to wash them down.  Though a 
*really* gingery ginger beer...

Hope you don't mind my pasting this in here, Anna, as I'm afraid people 
might not have seen it, coming after spoiler space as it did.

> And while I've always related to Pezzetino's existential
> quest I can relate to his physical predicament right now too, as I've 
> been
> stuck at home for the last three weeks after falling into a rocky 
> pothole
> & ripping my knee open. I've just heard I have to stay off work for at
> least another two weeks, which is a serious annoyance, but at least it's
> healing up & I am hobbling around the neighbourhood a bit on my
> crutches.  Could be worse! And I am myself :-)
> 	Anna, delurking after far too long away. Good to be back!

Good to have you back!

And good to have the list back as well.

Hallie, who just noticed all the messages sent while suberic was down 
are here but were hiding.  I was wondering what Ven was talking about, 
and how Judith had replied to Charlie's message when it hadn't posted.

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