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Sethra Lavode is the latest of Steven Brust's
Khaavren romances, the third volume of The
Viscount of Adrilankha. Due to the rapid
publishing schedule I didn't have to wait too
long for this,  as I expected it made me laugh (a
lot, out loud) and also made me cry (only once
but also a lot) which is a rare occurence since I
left off crying over dead horsies in the Silver
Brumby books.  In short I loved it. 

Some people* might say it features the eponymous
character too little, or that they did not find
the younger generation of characters as well
developed or as interesting or appealing as the
older. They may even cavill at the use made of a
certain plot device. They may well be right on
the latter point but  as to the others I reserve
judgement until I have reread at least once,
because it is easy to miss the subtleties of
character in one's desire to race to the end of
the book.

TVOA is the link between the Khaavren romances,
and the Vlad Taltos novels. The Phoenix Guards
and 500 years after shared only a couple of
characters with the V T novels and were set not
only hundreds of years earlier and in a different
location but in a world which has literally been
lost to Vlad's and Paarfi's contemporaries.  TVOA

concerns the reestablishment of the Empire which
was literally shattered at the end of FYA and the
laying down of the groundwork for the social,
economic and magical changes which bring about
the world as Vlad knows it. As Dragaerans are
very longlived a number of characters span the
two sets of novels and TVOA is also heavily
involved in the meta plot of all the Dragaera
novels. So, in writing these books SKZB had to
make all the pieces match, fulfill the
expectations his readers had built up and write
three satisfying stand alone novels....... I
consider this to be a stupendous achievement and
anyone who says otherwise (the aforementioned
"some people") must want the moon on a stick as

The novel currently in progress is Dzur, can you
imagine how much I'm looking forward to that.

* See the dragaera list


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