Fire and Hemlock book review on Bookcrossing

Ven vendersleighc at
Thu Apr 29 20:30:08 EDT 2004

Charlie sent me a copy of the review offlist,
thanks charlie, so I'm happy now. It is an
interesting perspective and I'm just as puzzled
by the reviewer's disdain for the school elements
 -- without them it seems to me we would have no
knowledge of the friends who: "along with family
seem determined to convince her
that Tom never existed". Furthermore I think they
are essential in establishing and developing not
only Polly's character but the essential solidity
of her "here now" existance. Too many school age
protagonists of books seem to lack the multitude
of friends, aquaintances and or enemies that they
really should have. In contrast Fire and Hemlock
offers such a rich evocation of  those years of
Polly's life, I can't imagine the book without
the fights in the playground, the school trip to
Stow on the Wold, without Nina or Fiona or even
the two sporty girls she hangs out with between
Nina and Fiona. You might as weol leave out the
family scenes as the schoool scenes. Odd. It's
still a good review though!


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