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On Tuesday, April 27, 2004, at 04:17  PM, Charles Butler wrote:

> Sticking more or less to fantasy and short (32 page or so) books or  
> less...
> John Burningham, *Mr Gumpy's Outing* (which has the added benefit that
> there's an excellent analysis of it in, I think, Peter Hunt's  
> *Introduction
> to Children's Literature*); Philippa Pearce, *Emily's Own Elephant*  
> (more
> wish fulfilment than fantasy, perhaps); Dr Seuss, *Horton Hears a Who*;
> Russell Hoban, *How Tom Beat Captain Nojak and his Hired Sportsmen*;  
> Quentin
> Blake, *Patrick*;  DWJ's *Yes Dear* might also be a possibility. And if
> you're into empowering effect of farts and so forth, how about a  
> comparison
> of William Steig, *Shrek* with Raymond Briggs, *Fungus the Bogeyman*?  
> There
> are an awful lot of tough princesses out there, too: Martin Waddell's  
> *The
> Tough Princess* might go a few rounds with Babette Cole's equally  
> liberated
> *Princess Smartypants*.

And for a Canadian "tough princess", there's always Robert Munsch's  
"The Paper Bag Princess" which is incredibly appropriate for the age  
group you're talking about and has the added bonus of being funny along  
with subversive and non-didactically non-violent (she basically talks  
the dragon into defeating himself!).

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