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Tue Apr 27 09:31:16 EDT 2004

I've had major email problems, and lost all old messages.  Apologies for 
writing this to the whole list, but could you please send me a message, 
Amy?  I think I've got almost everyone else's address one way or 
another.  (Archives seem to be messed up again, btw, at least the Author 

I think it was Melissa and Robyn who mentioned _Chindi_ favourably a 
while ago.  I saw it on Bookcloseouts, and grabbed it, but afterwards 
saw that it seemed to be part of a sort of series.  Could you tell me 
how seriously series-ish it is, and whether it's ok to read _Chindi_ 
without having read previous books?

Interesting review, Philip.  It was a bit startling seeing how someone 
who clearly didn't read children's lit responded, wasn't it?  I 
especially found the bit about the school scenes being just put in to 
fit the 'teen market' and adding nothing to the story very - <searches 
for word which means 'wrong' but isn't nearly so rude> er, interesting.

Last bit is that I've finally read _Midwinter Nightingale_, and while I 
certainly didn't think it near the best in the series, wasn't as put off 
by the deaths as some others appear to have been.  Was I the only one to 
like it reasonably well?  And am I still the only one who sees a strong 
connection between Mitt's fate in _Crown of Dalemark_ and Simon's?  That 
gets to me more than anything else!  Hmm, as I wrote this, it suddenly 
struck me as interesting that two such completely un-formulaic writers 
used pretty much the same Tour Companion (OTM) in the same way.  
Avoiding spoilers, and hopefully not ending up too obscure.  (Just 
remember what happens on PanCeltic Tours, and how the Mist gets into 
everyone's brains...)


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