desert island question

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Mon Apr 26 13:07:49 EDT 2004

>Or.... what would be a similar range in kids fantasy? I think of fantasy 
>as beginning somewhat older, and it merging into something all its own in 
>the younger-reader category, sort of a cross between fantasy and fairy 
>tale. Maybe Narnia, a younger Margaret Mahy (maybe one of her picture 
>books), a younger Roald Dahl (The Magic Finger creeped me out as a child, 
>I recall), all or part of an E Nesbit fantasy (Five Children and It, for 
>instance), and some Grimm or Perrault for pre-"children's literature" 
>context, some Sendak (Where the Wild Thins Are seems pretty de rigeur, I'd 

This is actually closer to the focus I am thinking about. Thematically, I 
want to examine ideas about how literature empowers children. It's really 
obvious in a lot of fantasy books where kids get special powers and that 
helps them to deal with problems and the unfairness of the adult world. In 
picture books, there are heaps that celebrate children being bad as a 
similar kind of empowerment. I want to have a class about farting and 
showing your underpants and other taboo things.


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