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On Apr 26, 2004, at 6:24 AM, Rowland, Jennifer A B wrote:
> Allison wrote:
>> The Changeover by Mahy is also very good. A chapter book.
> I think this is YA, not a children's book, though.

Depending on the scope of the class, it may be as appropriate to cover 
YA as books for younger children -- YA belongs in the broader category 
of "children's literature" insofar as it's a genre ignored by critics 
of "adult's" literature, and many books straddle the border -- 
particularly in fantasy. I'm reading Mahy's "The Tricksters" right now 
for my Fantasy in Children's literature class, and it's certainly odd 
in that the main character is 17, the younger children are referred to 
as "the little ones" and the important characters are all adults, and 
there's a heavy overtone of adolescent sexualtiy (and a few bad words). 
Still it's an amazing book and was shelved along with Middle Readers at 
my local library (as was The Changeover). Anyway, it depends on the 
nature of the class, but Mahy is a marvellously talented author who 
certainly deserves consideration, and it's usually her YA fantasy books 
that win the most acclaim and awards, I think.

--Amy Lee

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