Portugese whispers

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 20 19:13:23 EDT 2004

Charlie gratefulness to affix the wonderful
translation of babelfish of the interview
portuguese. I controlled to read solemnly,
confusing for I am of the direction, even on the
way of the half completely when I found to eat of
great works of literature and started cackling as
one loon. Oh Mr. Cavalheiro of rings, JK
posterior Rowling's and as I agree that "Isto was
not legal. That is confused. I could make
melhor". E, as finally very interesting to find
for is the heading of the following book -- who
is Conrad that I want to know. Wait!" of
Can't;Unmangled text follows:

Thanks Charlie for posting the marvellous
babelfish translation of the portuguese
interview. I managed to read solemnly, puzzling
out the sense, until about half way through when
I encountered the eating of great works of
literature and began cackling like a loon.  Oh
the Mr Gentleman  of the rings, JK Rowling's
posterior and how I agree that "Isto was not
legal. This is confused. I could make melhor".

And finally, how very interesting to find out the
title of the next book -- who is Conrad I wonder.
Can't wait!"


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