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I *don't* speak Portugese, so couldn't translate the interview that just got
mentioned on the official DWJ site
(http://www.a-arca.com/v2/artigosdt.asp?sec=4&ssec=11&cdn=3298) - but for
what it's worth, I thought you might like to see what the Babelfish
translation program made of it...
Article added in 18/12/2003, to the 16:13 The COFFER interview DIANA WYNNE
JONES the British, author of the Crestomanci series, speaks on its
workmanship, Tolkien and much more
'Os creator of the series Worlds of Crestomanci', launched still in the
decade of 70, the British Diana Wynne Jones is not of the writers most
extrovert of the planet. One as much inmate, it very is not arrived to give
interviews. Exactly thus, we insist e sufficiently, after a constant
exchange of e-mails, Diana we topou in taking care of them. Full E of
interesting histories - since, besides speaking on its writings, it was
inevitable to try to pull out of it some detail on its more famous
professor, a South African of name... J.R.R.Tolkien (yes, he himself, the
writer of the series "O Gentleman of the Anéis"). 'Os Worlds of Crestomanci'
it can be defined as a compound enters the universe of Harry Potter,
'Discworld' e 'O Gentleman of the Anéis'. But proper one has a proposal all:
thousand of parallel universes. The definition of Crestomanci in the words
of the proper author: "Há thousand of worlds, the each one different of all
others. The world of Crestomanci is pertinho of ours well, with the
difference of that magic, there, is so common how much music here. He is
full of people working with magic - demons, witches, faquires, alchemists,
xamãs and many others, also the Crestomanci. Crestomanci is different of the
other magicians. So strange how much powerful. Its magic is different and
stronger and the majority has a life more than. The great problem is that,
if nobody to control all these magical beings, the common people of other
worlds can suffer sufficiently and until if becoming slaves. E is the
Crestomanci that has this missão". Already they had been launched by here,
for the Publishing publishing company Generation, four books: The Lives of
Christopher Chant, Magic Life, the Magos de Caprona and the Week of the
Magicians. Still they lack to be translated Mixed Magics and the two volumes
of Chronicles of Crestomanci.
The Coffer - You it started to still write child, but it only passed to
books of fancy after adult. That type of books you wrote when was small?
Diana Wynne Jones - My parents did not like books of Fancy and I, therefore,
I wrote, for me, histories of adventures. Thinking about this today, I see
that all they these histories were based on personages who I already had in
the head I have times. The last one of these histories written during
infancy (all written they in espacinhos of pertaining to school books) was a
history of detectives, with a group of children as the main personages. But,
exactly thus, it had much adventure.
The Coffer - a good author is, normally, a good reader. The books (or the
absence of them) had been a very strong influence in its decision of if
becoming a writer?
Diana - I read everything avidamente what he fell me to the hands. A time
that did not have many available infantile and youthful books, I read things
I eat the Life of King Arthur (in a difficult English, for older people),
books with legends (come back for adults, clearly) and historical romances
of Joseph Conrad (that I faced I eat adventure histories). This beyond
Victorian stories of moral. Therefore everything, you can imagine the
happiness that I had when I discovered the fancy literature! He was very
great to explain here! Mary Poppins was one of the first ones that I read
and I obtained to find one - only one - of And Nesbit (British author of the
beginning of century 20 that it influenced the work of J.K. Rowling strong,
also). It was there that I perceived that my preferred sort was the Fancy. I
decided that, when was adult, he would write all the books that same I would
have adored to read when child.
The Coffer - How it was this decision to write Fancy? Its two professors in
the university, J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, who today is known as great
authors of the sort, had had influence in this decision?
Diana - I did not decide me, really, for writing Fancy. He was more
something that ran away completely from my control. Everything what I wrote
I finished if becoming a history of Fancy. Lewis and Tolkien had certainly
had an influence. They were depreciated by other academics who taught that
it was loss of time to write Scientific Fiction and Fancy when we could be
writing university books. But influence of these two remains misty in my
head. But, not obstante, they had been a deep influence. Other people who
were in Oxford to the time also had started to write books of Fancy soon
that they had left the university, as Penelope Lively. We never argue ones
with the others on the subject, but she is clearly that this must have very
to see with our masters of the university.
The Coffer - How she was to be pupil of Tolkien? That type of professor was
Diana - Tolkien was one péssimo professor! Its heart was not in that. When
it attended its lessons, was clearly that it was involved with the
conclusion Mr. of Rings, because seemed not to be able to wait to come back
to its work of truth. It even tried in making to stop them to attend its
lessons, speaking of coasts for us. In a good part of the lesson time it was
murmuring for itself exactly that type of plot could or not to function and
I soon discovered this and vi how much he was fascinating. Thus, he seated
me well close to it, does not stop asssitir to the lessons, but ouviz it to
work in Mr. of Rings.
The Coffer - Of where comes the ideas for its books? The references also
arrive of other books or of different sources, as tevê, cinema etc?
Diana - I do not know, really, of where they come my ideas. If the source is
one another book, or tevê, is because I read and attend tevê thinking: "Isto
was not legal. This is confused. I could make melhor". But this does not
happen frequent. Normally, the book drift of a personage that already I have
in my head, that it needs a certain type of history to act. To the times the
idea even comes of a picture or photo of landscape and of a musical part.
The Magos de Caprona was born of a music, a song without words but that it
needed them urgently.
The Coffer - It is truth that when its first book was published you already
had some writings?
Diana - I had written, six, eight books before the first one being
published. But one of them, 'Everard's Ride', he was published, much more
late. The one of books of the Crestomanci universe.
Coffer - the Crestomanci series, initiated in 1977, is being very successful
in its republicação in Brazil, for the Publishing Generation. How you it
created this universe only e as was born the concept of the parallel worlds?
Diana - I invented the parallel worlds when she was child, much before the
Crestomanci. I costumava to play with my sisters whom the place where we
lived had one another universe well close, beyond the wall it our room. You
he would arrive in it passing at the moment where the light of the sun if
reflected in the wall. The complete idea of the worlds of Crestomanci came
to tona of a time, in one day where my children terrivelmente were agitated.
I needed to pass everything for the paper at that moment, then I was behind
the children, despaired, asking what they had made with all the penxses and
papers of the house. What they had only obtained to find was a penxs
mark-text and three sheets of paper in which the dog already had made the
party. Then, I started to write the Crestomanci series there.
The Coffer - Because the decision to make, in each book of the Crestomanci
series an isolated history?
Diana - Two Reasons: one is that I, personally, hate when I buy a book and I
discover that I have that to buy another one pra to know what he happens
with the people of whom I have in hands. I find that each book must be a
complete history. The second reason is that, when I wrote Magic Life, not
wise person who history would have continuations. The things simply had been
The Coffer - One asks that several must make to it: how you see the success
of other British, posterior authors as J.K. Rowling and Terry Pratchett,
that almost use the same ideas and sort?
Diana - Well, is very good for seeing that the people are tanning as much
Fancy, in this level. I believe that he is this same that the people need. I
wrote on ideas that other people catch loaned, of time in when. When I wrote
"Fire and Hemlock", a mount of American writers, readily, had written other
versions of the history of Tam Lin. and the writer Neil Gaiman took loaned
by one of my books ideas for its "American Gods". In other words, I am
accustomed to this.
The Coffer - You still prefer to write in its room to be, in the chair most
Diana - Ah, yes! Taste not to be thinking where I am or what I am making. I
want to concentrate itself, only and total, in history. E the place most
comfortable of the house is always the best one for this.
The Coffer - How you see the current craze for Fancy, that extends to its
tentáculos for literature and cinema that far seems to finish, since beyond
Harry Potter and Mr. them Rings other books it sort will gain in briefing
telona and will still more stimulate the reading of books?
Diana - I find good, very positive very. Fancy echoes in the way as the
person thinks.
The Coffer - How they are the negotiations for adaptation of its
workmanships for the cinema?
Diana - I heard a history on the Disney, but I do not have the lesser idea
of as this appeared, despite the thing having taken body. With me nobody
spoke swims. What I know is that it will have, in the year that comes, an
livened up version of my book "Howl's Moving Castle" for the great Japanese
entertainer Miyazaki, of the Trip of Chihiro.
The Coffer - In its opinion, which is the importance and the influence of
the reading in the life of the people, especially Fancy?
Diana - the luck of good effect Has all: relaxation, excitement and pleasure
are a good part, but the Fancy has also the power to show to the people its
problems and fears of a form that they can think clearly on them. E, as I
said before, to read dumb Fancy the form as the head reasons.
The Coffer - Which are its plans for the future? Other books of the
Crestomanci series can appear?
Diana - Well, I finish to finish a new book of the Crestomanci series, that
will be called "Conrad's Fate". But I never make plans. For being an author
who depends very on the proper inspiration, never I know that type of idea
will go to appear to follow.
The Coffer - Its books have much mood and a very intelligent text. How you
it developed this characteristic?
Diana - All the books must have a proper mood, since the first page. How
much to the intelligence of the texts, it has to see with my infancy. I had
the clear impression of that all the books that read at that time were made
for weak mental. E was certain, as I have today, of that the children
deserves much more of whom this. They deserve respect. My husband costumava
to sleep when he read infantile histories for our children and I always
thought: "Todo infantile book must have elements that also interest
The Coffer - Young e children has, today, diverse interests: InterNet,
television, videogames. How to continue captivating reading that they are,
today, so different of that they read it when its first book was launched?
Diana - it always had other things children to make them, but a book only
can dominate the head of them completely. Children who always discover the
pleasures of the reading will be reading. E always will have, also, as
already it had has 50 years, has 30 years, children who do not read. It
reads more.

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