Britocentric fantasy

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Sun Apr 11 14:00:14 EDT 2004

Roger wrote:

>Well, yes - see almost any film in which The World (i.e. America) is
>invaded by aliens and saved by the (American) heroes. Of recent years 
>there's been a tendency to have a token series of clips of the aliens 
>invading other countries too, but as Allison points out the American 
>film-makers are mostly only interested in portraying America.
Well, these are my favorite scenes from "Independence Day" - some french 
(?) soldiers in some dessert receive morse code from America:
"It's ze Americans, Zey tell us what to do!" "Finally!" And also, as the 
"world wide threat scenario" required alien ships all over the world to 
invade and be destroyed, we see - after the Americans managed barly, 
with much heroism and army jets, to destroy one ship - another dessert, 
another destroyed ship and some African people waving spears...


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