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Tue Sep 30 15:04:52 EDT 2003

Melissa wrote:

>Guess whose cover blurb is the first one on the back of _Paladin of Souls_?
>"I read everything by Lois McMaster Bujold as soon as I can lay hands on it.
>It is such a delight to read something by such a good writer, who now seems
>to be writing at the top of her powers....I really have seldom enjoyed a
>book [meaning _Paladin_] so much....I couldn't turn the pages fast
>enough....The whole book is a triumph."
>By Diana Wynne Jones.  What a nice surprise.

It was in typescript when she read it, and not being able to turn the pages
fast enough is almost certainly the literal truth!  She doesn't mention
having to retrieve them from the floor, the cat, and down behind the back
of the sofa as they cascaded away at critical moments when she got excited
and they fell from her nerveless grasp....  :-)  (Actually, she probably
did mention these things, would be my guess, but it doesn't look so good in
a back-cover blurb...)

I am strongly in favour of her being asked to do blurbs for LMB's books,
because that way she lays hands on them sooner -- in this case, months
sooner.  There ought to be some special perks for authors like DWJ[1], and
if one of them is getting copies of books by her favourite other authors
sooner than expected, then Hurrah!, say I.

[1] and a special place in Heaven, possibly a very comfortable library with
all the books her favourite authors meant to write but never got round to,
or didn't have time to finish, or have written posthumously.  I have a list
of books and authors I hope are on the celestial stacks.


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