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Mon Sep 29 20:46:10 EDT 2003

>I hate to make it seem like I'm so lazy I run to this list with every
>question I have, but I thought this one might be of interest. For another
>assignment for my children's lit class, I have to choose three versions of
>a single fairy tale and compare them in terms of their portrayal: this
>could include changes in plot, illustrations, etc.  I wanted to do Tam Lin
>and use _Fire and Hemlock_ (yay! a DWJ reference) and Dean's _Tam Lin_ and
>a third one, but it turns out we are to focus on younger audiences here.
>So just out of curiosity, in terms of books for younger readers (say age
>10 and under), does anyone have any thoughts?  Just narrowing it down to
>*which* fairy tale to try to find three contrasting versions of is a
>dautning one, although the minute I send this email I am off to check out
>several sourcebooks recommended by my instructor (I *do* do research on
>these quetions; it's just that you all make such a good resource!)

Do you want picture books or chapter books? There are a couple of good Frog 
Prince/ss picture books where the story is turned around in various ways. 
Or do you want novels, particularly?


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