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Charles Butler hannibal at thegates.fsbusiness.co.uk
Mon Sep 29 18:26:29 EDT 2003

> I wonder, how many of the Frodos and Merlins and Corwins and Gaeas and
> Freyas and so forth do you suppose are now quietly calling themselves
> Jane, and other non-controversial names they don't have to *explain* all
> the time?  (Maybe the boys more than the girls.)  The "Pippin" I knew is
> now, at 22, very firmly "Julian" -- he started to insist on that about the
> time he first began to notice Gurls, as far as I recall.

Sometimes it's the surnames that let them down. I had a student (born
approx. 1973) whose name was Saffron Rainbow Prescott. The Saffron and the
Rainbow were okay, but Prescott just reminded me of the politician John
Prescott, than whom anyone less reminiscent of a rainbow - or Donovan -
would be hard to imagine.

Not that she seemed bothered in the slightest.


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