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Mon Sep 29 14:31:28 EDT 2003

Amanda wrote:

>BTW while we are on the subject - when I was pregnant with my daughter I was
>living on a Travellers' Site where pretty much all the women I knew had
>children with names such as Merlin, Ludo, Talley Ra, Shiva, Naia, the
>compulsory Amber and Jade and made-up names such Caia, Casha and others.
>Ania from this list also had her son in the same environment. We were the
>true rebels - her son is named Stephen and my daughter is Anna!

I wonder, how many of the Frodos and Merlins and Corwins and Gaeas and
Freyas and so forth do you suppose are now quietly calling themselves John,
Jane, and other non-controversial names they don't have to *explain* all
the time?  (Maybe the boys more than the girls.)  The "Pippin" I knew is
now, at 22, very firmly "Julian" -- he started to insist on that about the
time he first began to notice Gurls, as far as I recall.

Is Zowie Bowie still Zowie, does anyone happen to know, or has he quietly
metamorphosed into a Paul or a Richard or something unobtrusive?

ob DWJ, I find her invented names rather fine, as a rule; are there any
other authors members of the list think get it right mostly?


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