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Sallyo wrote:

>Laurie isn't the only name that's different for you and us. A "Robin" here
>is almost always male. Females are spelled "Robyn."  A "Leslie" will be
>male, a "Lesley" female. Names that are truly unisex include Val, Jamie,
>Lindsay/Lindsey, (though usually that pari goes M/F), Kim/Kym (A Kim can be
>either, a Kym will be male) and Chris.

To which add Kay -- *Yes Dear* by DWJ -- Rowan, which in England and
particularly Scotland is unisex; Al; Andy; Alex; Beverley; Bobby/Bobbie;
Bernie; Charley/Charlie; Carol; Danny and Denny; Dee; Evelyn; Frankie;
Gerry/Geri; Gil[l]; Gabriel; Harry; Holly, Hil[l]ary; Julian; Jan;
Jacky/Jackie; Jo[e]; Jess[i]e; Jean; Jay; Kelly; Lee; Lin; Marty; Mel;
Mitch; Mick[e]y; Nick/Nicky, Paulie; Pat; Ray; Ricky; Sasha; Sam; Sandy;
Shannon; Shirley; Shelley; Tarry/Terri; Vivian/Vyvian -- and I'm sure there
are more!

"Lawrence" is a male name in England, as a rule, as is "Laurence", and each
can be shortened to "Laurie".  (Charlie has mentioned Laurie Lee.)  It's
also and perhaps more often Larry, as in Lawrence Durrell being Larry in
the family.

Being fair, "Lawrie" in Antonia Forest's books is female, and that's
English not American.  Short for "Lawrence", because it's a family name and
they gave it to her even though it was a bit strange to do so.  They called
her twin Nicola instead of the family "Nicholas", as well, probably because
the feminine form was more obvious than the feminine "Laurel" or "Laura"
for "Lawrence".


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