slightly Ot: fairy tales

Laurie Puszczewicz lpuszcze at
Sun Sep 28 18:11:43 EDT 2003

I hate to make it seem like I'm so lazy I run to this list with every
question I have, but I thought this one might be of interest. For another
assignment for my children's lit class, I have to choose three versions of
a single fairy tale and compare them in terms of their portrayal: this
could include changes in plot, illustrations, etc.  I wanted to do Tam Lin
and use _Fire and Hemlock_ (yay! a DWJ reference) and Dean's _Tam Lin_ and
a third one, but it turns out we are to focus on younger audiences here.
So just out of curiosity, in terms of books for younger readers (say age
10 and under), does anyone have any thoughts?  Just narrowing it down to
*which* fairy tale to try to find three contrasting versions of is a
dautning one, although the minute I send this email I am off to check out
several sourcebooks recommended by my instructor (I *do* do research on
these quetions; it's just that you all make such a good resource!)

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