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Emma Comerford emmaco at tpg.com.au
Sun Sep 28 06:29:52 EDT 2003

Quoting minnow at belfry.org.uk:

> I *think* that reading *A Civil Campaign* after *Komarr*
> (Kyla insisted this would be sensible with the words):
> >I would suggest that you wait to read A Civil Campaign until you've read
> >Komarr. No, of course, it's not *vital*; and you seem to be less focused
> >than I on "but I *must* know what's happened before!"; but (oh, lordy,
> >it's hard to do this without being spoilery) the backstory is presented in
> >slightly different ways, and it's good to know how it really happened.
> *was* probably a good idea.  Unless I had known what actually happened in
> *Komarr* I might have been confused by the account of events that got
> suggested in *A Civil Campaign*.  Apart from those two, I don't think the
> order is critical at all.

Strange that this is the first message I've written for months, but I've recently been 
converting a friend to Bujold and have faced this question. She's started at _Cordelia's 
honour_ and is mostly reading the others in internal chronological order.  Mostly with one 
excpetion - I'd recommend not reading _Memory_ first as it has more emotional impact if 
you've read a couple of the other Miles-centered books first.

Now that I've written one message perhaps I'll try to respond to some of the other interesting 
topics this list always generates!

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