Woefully OT (was Re: DVD regions)

Charles Butler hannibal at thegates.fsbusiness.co.uk
Sat Sep 27 18:56:06 EDT 2003

Just back from seeing Spirited Away, so finally able to join in this
conversation. Great film!
And I can see why people make the DWJ link, in all sorts of ways: e.g. the
interest in the rules of magic, and the ways it keeps you on the hop about
who's good and who's bad, and why, and ineed where ('He's only bad in the
bath-house!' was a great line about No(h)-Face, if I didn't just make it
up). And the visual imagination was terrific. On the other hand, if they
produce a smellyvision version of this film, I don't want to go.

I agree with Minnow's analysis of the bath-token conundrum, btw, while
accepting Melissa's caveat - he did go after Sen, didn't he? But I got the
impression this was an effect of loneliness as well as (rather than?
expressed in the form of?) a desire to eat her. So maybe she falls into a
different category from his usual prey. Not sure about this though.

Here are a few more conundra, while they're fresh in my mind:

a) If they drive on the left in Japan (and they were indeed shown doing
this) how come Chihiro's family's car was left-hand drive?

b) Since both parents are shown to be greedy, how come only the Dad was
shown as overweight, while Mum was the usual thin anime Mum? Was this a case
of convention overriding realism, or what?

c) Why was Haku so cold to Chihiro in the lift/elevator after they first
left Yubaba's office? I couldn't see any reason for this: they weren't being
watched, as far as one could see.

d) Why did Yubaba give Haku a name so very close to his secret name (Kohaku)
if she didn't want him to remember it? Maybe this makes more sense in
Japanese. Or was it a case of double-bluff?

e) Was Yubaba deliberately based on Tenniel's Duchess? She did seem
remarkably reminiscent of her, somehow, especially when you throw in the
baby and the pig (though there was a nod to Homer there too with the pigs, I

Anyway - well worth braving the Saturday night Bristol crowd to see it!


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