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Since y'all are discussing King Arthur, I thought I would forward this
request over from child_lit to see if anyone here recognizes it...

You can post here and I'll forward it, or if you prefer you can contact
the person directly at the email address below.

Thanks in advance!

Jackie S.

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Subject: O, collective brain!
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Our high school afterschool book shelver and section alphabetizer
extraordinaire is looking for a book he read a few years ago. Here's my
memory of his description of it:

It's a contemporary King Arthur story. A dissipated ex-soldier has come
home. His father was the caretaker of an English estate, where the
soldier grew up. Merlin comes to the soldier and tells him he is really
King Arthur and is needed.

Any nibbles? I'm sure I should know this one, but I don't. *sigh*

Thanks. You can email me off-list.

Elizabeth Bluemle
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