: Re:Order in which the Books were Written, Spoilers for Archer's Goon

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 26 12:11:42 EDT 2003

I wrote

<< I have never thought of them as aliens but as 
some kind of superhuman, 
native to this planet. >>

Kyra replied

<Well, I don't remember about their parents, but 
there's the line
when someone, probably Awful, asks Archer where 
he comes from and he
responds, "Elsewhere.">> 

And Jodel pointed out

<Well, one or other of them (Hathaway?) stated 
that their parents were from 
"somewhere else". But the seven siblings grew up 
here and don't know about the 
technologies of their parents' original "place">

<Ever since Hexwood came out I've been convinced 
that the siblings' parents 
were reigners, on the run.>

I knew I should have reread it before I
posted...... I do like the idea of the parents as
reigners on the run, and, considering what the
Reigner universe was like, who could blame them.

Its a semantic quibble but I still don't think
their elsewhere origin makes them aliens*, any
more than Christopher Chant is an alien in the
worlds he visits. I see them as human analogues,
though just how that differs from the humanoid
aliens of (say) Star Trek I haven't a clue.

*But, NB, I don't come from a part of the world
where alien can mean "foreigner"


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