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Ros asked:

>  After reading _The Curse of Chalion_ and loving it, I've finally read my
>first "Vorkosigan" book, _Cordelia's Honor_ (which of course consists of
>_Shards of Honor_ and _Barrayar_).  Is there any particular order I should
>read the other books in? Or maybe I should ask--is there any particular
>order I *shouldn't* read them in? (If someone tells me I shouldn't have
>read CH first, I may scream.)

I was in exactly your position a couple of months back and asked
pretty-much that question and got several sets of advice.  (The thread
started on 26.6.03 with message-id
< at localhost> from Robyn Starkey, and the
subject was first "Had to ask.." and subsequently "Had to ask...Now the
Vorkosigan books", if you are able to go back and look in archives and find
the original discussion.)

I then read them entirely at random.

I have now read them in chronological order as well.

I *think* that reading *A Civil Campaign* after *Komarr*

(Kyla insisted this would be sensible with the words):
>I would suggest that you wait to read A Civil Campaign until you've read
>Komarr. No, of course, it's not *vital*; and you seem to be less focused
>than I on "but I *must* know what's happened before!"; but (oh, lordy,
>it's hard to do this without being spoilery) the backstory is presented in
>slightly different ways, and it's good to know how it really happened.

*was* probably a good idea.  Unless I had known what actually happened in
*Komarr* I might have been confused by the account of events that got
suggested in *A Civil Campaign*.  Apart from those two, I don't think the
order is critical at all.

My comment after a bit was "I'm still following Bujold's own way of reading
such a series, as mentioned in her afterword to *Cordelia's Honor*, "one
must assume that readers, as I did when reading my own favourite series,
will encounter the books in utterly random order", and reading them as they
happen to come to the top of a random heap by the bed.  I don't think they
suffer for it at all.  Each (so far, anyway) works on its own, and having
read a couple of the more recent ones first doesn't seem to have spoilt
either them or the ones set before them chronologically at all."

I haven't changed that view.

Enjoy.....  :-)


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