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I'm reading them in the chronological order of the story itself (not  
necessarily publishing order) and really enjoying them (I just finished  
_Memory_, wow!)

Here's the order I read them in. Bear in mind that I read each of the  
three stories in Borders of Infinity when it fell chronologically and  
not all at once (if you're reading the omnibus editions, they're spread  

Shards of Honor
The Warrior's Apprentice
"The Mountains of Mourning" in Borders
Ethan of Athos
"Labyrinth"  in Borders
"The Borders of Infinity" in Borders
Brothers in Arms
Mirror Dance

Enjoy them!


On Friday, September 26, 2003, at 07:16  AM, Abe Gross wrote:

> After reading _The Curse of Chalion_ and loving it, I've finally read  
> my first "Vorkosigan" book, _Cordelia's Honor_ (which of course  
> consists of _Shards of Honor_ and _Barrayar_).  Is there any  
> particular order I should read the other books in? Or maybe I should  
> ask--is there any particular order I *shouldn't* read them in? (If  
> someone tells me I shouldn't have read CH first, I may scream.)
> Ros
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