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Wed Sep 24 19:48:34 EDT 2003

On the subject of names and christenings people might
like this very well known (in Australia that is) poem

I also threatened to find my copy of a book of names
by satirist Patrick Cook; here is what he says about
John in "Favourite Names for Boys and Girls"

"Of various origins, from the Hebrew meaning 'him',
the Celtic 'himself' and Sanscrit 'that one over
there', the Norse 'it', the Latin 'object' and the
ancient Greek meaning 'thing'. Parents toying with
calling the infant John are either indulging in a
congenital lack of imagination or naming the boy after
his father. History is full of Johns. It is also full
of toilets, hence the popular connection. John is the
most popular alias for those evading the authorities,
since it is guarenteed to be forgotten within seconds.
Amoung the thousands of St Johns are the patron saints
of stand-ins and proxies, who often double up for each
other. Some Johns evade anonymity by adopting Jack, a
bold proletarian statement implying rolled shirt
sleeves and a two-day beard. Johns frequently marry
Jeans or Joans and the whole bloody thing goes on


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