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> > The essay that Charles refers to is, possibly, the one
> > in the Nicholls book (I've now checked it and it is
> > there), but this is not the essay, reference that I
> > recall seeing/hearing. There were references to
> > parallels between the story and the actual actors and
> > something about the actual Owl Service that was used
> > in the film.
> If you ever remember/find it, I'd love to have the reference.
> Charlie

I wrote:

I wrote:

> Somewhere (I have no idea right at the moment) I have a book called _The
> Making of 'The Owl Service'_ or something like that. I don't remember if
> such an essay is in this book, but I'll see if I can find it.

I found the book I remembered, and wondererd if its introduction by Alan
Garner could possibly be the same essay you are both referrring to. The book
is actually called _Filming 'The Owl Service' : A Children's Diary by Ellen,
Adam and Katharine Garner with contributions from Alan Garner and Peter
Plummer_, published by Armada, London, 1970. In his intro, Garner says that
it was "spooky", and that weird things happened in the making of the film,
including the apparent sudden appearance of the Stone of Gronw. Peter  He
does indeed speak about parallels between some of the people and events
surrounding the filming and the actual book. Peter Plummer, in his section,
mentions other examples.

Both Garner and Plummer talk about the actors, but there's nothing about a
nervous breakdown or an actor acting loutishly, which makes me suspect it
isn't really the essay you mean. There are photos throughout the book
(including Garner's intro) of all sorts of things" the actors, the settings
(including the Stone of Gronw), pages of script, etc.

I've only just skimmed through the book--I haven't looked at it carefully
for years, but if there's anything in particular you'd like to know, I'll
look it up...


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