Woefully OT (was Re: DVD regions)

Ulrika miri at home.se
Tue Sep 23 15:22:15 EDT 2003

Minnow said:

If as Robyn kindly pointed out *Princess Mononake* is unavailable in
Australia, and there were only about ten prints of that doing the rounds of
the UK, and *Spirited Away* will *not* be Coming To A Cinema Near You Real
Soon Now (bah mutter snarl) we have no reason to suppose that anyone will
make the effort to give Howl any greater exposure to the film-going public,
so we may have to rely on DVD....

And I am gloating:

I saw Spirited Away just now .. um.. one hour ago in fact. It was really, really good and I can't wait to see what they will do with Howl. 


Just because they really are out to get you doesn't mean you aren't paranoid.
Steven Brust - Issola

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