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Tue Sep 23 13:00:59 EDT 2003

<< My elder daughter's boyfriend is a Jason born in 1969, another early 
example of the species. >>

One of the local fans made the observation back around 1970 that every 
hippie's kid was named Jason or Laura, or some variant thereof. She was just about 
right, too.

My own name seems to have been very popular about 10-15 years before I was 
born -- in the black community. I don't think I ran across more than two other 
Joyces of my own age the whole time I was growing up. ANd then I went to work 
for the City and ran into about half a dozen of them. All about 10-15 years 
older than I, and black. I was bemused.

(Can anyone think of an African-American -- or maybe European -- celebrity in 
the early-mid 1930s?)
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