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On Tue, 23 Sep 2003, Abe Gross wrote:

> Zoe, our daughter's name, was pretty unusual when she was born in 1981, and
> is still fairly much so even now, but we thought that Josh (short for
> Joshua) wasn't commonly used back in 1985. Nowadays, there is usually at
> least one Josh in a classroom, and at the Jewish day school I teach at
> sometimes, there are several in most classes! :-/

You thought Josh wasn't a common name in 1985? In Australia, yes? In the
US, at least, it's really, really common. I was born in 1979, and while
Michael was the most common boy's name in my elementary school (out of
about 50 kids in my fourth grade, 7 were Michaels), I've always known a
lot of Joshes. Actually, they're all Joshua, but every single Joshua I've
ever known is called Josh, except for my boyfriend. Rather, he answers to
Josh, but I pretty much refuse to call him that, and all his friends who
know him from college or through me call him Joshua as well. :^)

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