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> wrote:
> > I don't know where my name ranks in popularity for
> > 1971, but it was around then that Kylie started to
> > get popular.  I only know of two Kylies from around
> > that time that are older than me, and one is Minogue
> > (not that I actually _know_ her) and the other one
> > used to sit next to me in class, which confused the
> > teachers.
> >
> > It's been a bit of a pain having a name that is not
> > only popular in my generation, but very Australian.
> >
> There was a whole generation of Kylies, and Jasons,
> who went through Australian high schools in the late
> '80s early '90s, so born in the second half of the
> '70s, well before "Neighbours" made those names
> popular. Minogue and Donovan were at the start of a
> trend but not the cause of it. My elder daughter's
> boyfriend is a Jason born in 1969, another early
> example of the species.

My name, Roslyn, appears to have been briefly popular in the 50s, when I was
born. About the only Roslyns I know are of my generation, though they're not
all spelled the same way.

Zoe, our daughter's name, was pretty unusual when she was born in 1981, and
is still fairly much so even now, but we thought that Josh (short for
Joshua) wasn't commonly used back in 1985. Nowadays, there is usually at
least one Josh in a classroom, and at the Jewish day school I teach at
sometimes, there are several in most classes! :-/


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