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Tue Sep 23 08:17:49 EDT 2003

On Mon, 22 Sep 2003, Jon Noble wrote:

> It has been my experience as a teacher that when I
> come across an unusual spelling of a name it is
> because the parents can't spell, or have never
> actually seen the name written down.

That would not surprise me. I love unusual names but hate unusual
spellings. As one of my name books says (and yes, I have many), if you
want to name your daughter Katherine, there are
already four or five perfectly good accepted spellings. You don't have to
spell it Kathrynne.

> It also bugs me when people call names that are not from the Bible or
> the Callendar of Saints "Christian" Names.

You mean calling a first name a Christian name? Funny, that never happened
to me. Oh, wait, my city is a third Jewish. :^) I don't think it happens
much at all in the US now.

There is an old custom among my people. When a woman
saves a man's life, he is grateful.
       --Nona, the Kanuto witch woman,
       "A Private Little War," "Star Trek"

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