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Tue Sep 23 08:18:19 EDT 2003

Jon Noble wrote:

>There was a whole generation of Kylies, and Jasons,
>who went through Australian high schools in the late
>'80s early '90s, so born in the second half of the
>'70s, well before "Neighbours" made those names
>popular. Minogue and Donovan were at the start of a
>trend but not the cause of it. My elder daughter's
>boyfriend is a Jason born in 1969, another early
>example of the species.

"Jason" is a truly calendar name, but rather more
subtle than "June" or "Avril".

J[uly] A[ugust] S[eptember] O[ctober] N[ovember}.

I frequently wonder how many people who own the name,
or how many of their parents, notice that.


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