BBC programs, was DVD regions

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Tue Sep 23 06:20:43 EDT 2003

--- Charles Butler > 
> >Alan Garner had some interesting, and rather
> > spooky, observations on that one.
> Can you elaborate? I read that essay where he talks
> about the making of the
> series (which he scripted) and how it resulted in a
> mental breakdown,
> brought on in part by the loutish behaviour of one
> of the actors. (But which
> one? Huw, Roger, Clive or Gwyn? I've often
> wondered.) Are you referring to
> that, or something else?
Probably the same thing, I recall an essay by Garner,
which sounds like the one you mention. I probably have
it somewhere - Peter Nicholls' "Science Fiction at
Large" perhaps? Unfortunately my library lacks
adequate lighting to check it at night. I also seem to
recall an anecdote told at a convention (again
possibly by Nicholls), but I can't recall any details.


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