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Charles Butler hannibal at
Tue Sep 23 03:50:58 EDT 2003

> >another I'd like to see is the adaptation of the Owl
> Service.

Oh yes - I remember seeing that back in 1968 when I was five, and even then
it made a big impression - the music, the sound of Huw Halfbacon raking the
gravel, brrr! I always longed to watch it again (especially after I read the
book!), and indeed it was rebroadcast in the 1980s, but at that time I was a
student too busy Living Life to the Full (of Beer) to bother with TV
schedules and didn't know until it was too late. A few years ago I wrote to
Granada (the commercial company who made the programme - not the BBC alas,
so no chance of its being released under the general amnesty you told us
about) to ask how much it would be to buy a copy, and they said something
outlandish like £100 for each of six half-hour episodes. But when I win the
Lottery that will be my first purchase. (The Owl Service - though on the DWJ
list I should say this only at a whisper - is my favourite book.)

>Alan Garner had some interesting, and rather
> spooky, observations on that one.

Can you elaborate? I read that essay where he talks about the making of the
series (which he scripted) and how it resulted in a mental breakdown,
brought on in part by the loutish behaviour of one of the actors. (But which
one? Huw, Roger, Clive or Gwyn? I've often wondered.) Are you referring to
that, or something else?


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