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Mon Sep 22 23:51:06 EDT 2003

--- Melissa Proffitt <Melissa at> wrote:
>> I found that being literate is a big help in this
> department.  Most people,
> in trying to make their kids' names distinctive, go
> for the bizarre and
> unnatural (mis)spellings that a) are unpronounceable
> and b) look ugly.  But
> in drawing from actual books, we came up with names
> that were not only
> unusual, but actually sounded like names people
> might use and not an
> accident with a typesetter's tray.  (We do have to
> teach people how to
> pronounce them, but in general that doesn't take
> long.  Except that here in
> Utah a lot of people use short 'i' in place of short
> 'e', so Teleri becomes
> Tillery.  At least they spell it right....)

It has been my experience as a teacher that when I
come across an unusual spelling of a name it is
because the parents can't spell, or have never
actually seen the name written down. It also bugs me
when people call names that are not from the Bible or
the Callendar of Saints "Christian" Names.


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