Woefully OT (was Re: DVD regions)

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Mon Sep 22 17:28:23 EDT 2003

Roger explained yet some more:

>>There are apparently only 50 prints of *Spirited Away* in the UK, where
>>it's meant to be "on general release";
>This is basically Disney's cluelessness. Disney got the licence for all
>Ghibli's films for the world outside eastern Asia; then they couldn't
>work out what to do with the non-US rights. (I get the impression they
>thought "this is weird foreign stuff, only a few fans will go to see it
>in cinemas, and we'll make most of our money off the DVD sales as
>usual".) So they handed the UK cinema rights to Optimum
>(http://www.optimumreleasing.com/), which is a very small company and
>can't produce huge numbers of prints the way the big distributors do.
>Then _Spirited Away_ won the Oscar...

In which case I reckon that anything making it more likely we'll be able to
find our way through this sort of [unprintable] end-product-of-male-bovine
behaviour to watching Howl is a good thing.

If as Robyn kindly pointed out *Princess Mononake* is unavailable in
Australia, and there were only about ten prints of that doing the rounds of
the UK, and *Spirited Away* will *not* be Coming To A Cinema Near You Real
Soon Now (bah mutter snarl) we have no reason to suppose that anyone will
make the effort to give Howl any greater exposure to the film-going public,
so we may have to rely on DVD....

Does anyone else feel that a few well-placed and careful bombs might get
Disney off their collective rump, but it is likely to take that sort of


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