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Mon Sep 22 11:40:36 EDT 2003

Robyn asked:
"What I want to ask you, the list, is whether those books by Bernard 
Cornwell are any good."

I've read the first two, though it was about 4 years ago.  I liked them, and 
they are on my mental list of books I shall go back to, in some vague 
someday, so I can finally finish the trilogy.  This telling of the story is 
with all the grime and fleas on, and features druids at their most lurid - 
fortunetelling by the twitches of the dying and that sort of thing.  The 
narrator is an unknown looker-on of great doings, and he was likeable.  My 
guess would be that it would be especially appealing to male readers.

My excuse for petering out before finishing the trilogy the first time 
around is - I'm not that mad for Arthur.  Also, it has Lancelot as a 
character, and my understanding is that Lancelot was a late addition in the 
folkloric tradition, and I'm picky like that.  But I don't think that should 
stop any other reader.

But does it matter if they are good?  Toss them the whole list, I say.  Even 
starting a bad book, and deciding why you don't like it - forms the taste 
and builds character.  :)


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