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> When we picked Rachel for our
> elder daughter, the only Rachels we knew at the time were in their
> fifties or over, and we assumed it would be a name everyone knew, not
> too many people had, and nobody would spell wrong.

Eek! When the twins were in toddler music class, there were three girls 
and four boys, and two of the girls were called Rebecca, and the only 
reason that the third girl wasn't called Rebecca as well was probably 
that she had a twin sister already called that.

> Incidentally, Rachel was nearly an Esther -- after my grandmother...

*I* was nearly an Esther; I was christened Ruth, which (in the Dutch 
pronunciation) rhymes with half the rude words in Dutch, so I changed 
it as soon as I got the chance :-)

(and we don't have Rebecca and Rachel, because we think it's unfortunate 
to call twins something starting with the same letter )


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