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Irina wrote ruefully [about Naomi Campbell]

>On Sunday 21 September 2003 16:39, minnow at wrote:
>> So there is!  I'd forgotten she existed,

>I wish people around us would forget she existed, so they'd stop asking
>whether our eldest daughter was called after her. We see so little
>media that we didn't even know Naomi Campbell was famous, and the name
>was popular, when we picked it from the Old Testament. If we had known,
>we'd probably have called her Esther.

How maddening, and how I sympathise!  When we picked Rachel for our elder
daughter, the only Rachels we knew at the time were in their fifties or
over, and we assumed it would be a name everyone knew, not too many people
had, and nobody would spell wrong.

Everyone knew it all right: there were four other Rachels in her first year
at primary school!  As for spelling it right, people assume it's "Rachael"
altogether too often.  It had suddenly and for no reason we have yet
discovered become an "in" name.  So who *was* being famous with that name,
in about 1985?  Not having a telly, did we miss some heroine in a soap or

Incidentally, Rachel was nearly an Esther -- after my grandmother...

obDWJ, her comments when "Diana" surged to popularity on account of Diana
Windsor nee Spenser ak(incorrectly)a "Princess Di", and particularly when
the name was in the headlines of every second newspaper for quite a while,
were decidedly grumpy: it was not an association she found particularly
congenial.  I think she prefered the Virgin Huntress to the Vocal Blonde as
a model...


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