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Aimee Smith s4028253 at student.uq.edu.au
Sat Sep 20 19:13:18 EDT 2003

Gili Bar-Hillel:
Ob-DWJ: there's a video
of Archer's Goon that never ended up reaching our part of the world and I
still have never seen the series. What are the odds the BBC will issue this
as a purchasable DVD?

I am fairly sure I saw some of that. It was on telly when I was very young
(eighties/early nineties). I came in part way through, when Torquil was
talking to the mother in the car(?), the silly girl was mooning over Archer
on the television, and their home was being invaded by chaos. I remember it
was very eighties. I didn't end up watching it all, not understanding what
was going on or why someone would write such a bizarre story... It just made
an interesting surprise when I started reading the book and went "Hey...".

PS email the BBC shop and ask whether they sell it. Would it be listed in an
online catalogue?


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