Help wanted: arthurian novels

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There is a Naomi Campbell too, for what it's worth. She's a supermodel, not
an author, but her name gets thrown around and that could have put you

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Irina wrote:

>> If you want a seriously different retelling of T&I, there's a book
>> called *The Dark Twin*, but I can't find my copy and can't remember
>> the author's name.  I *think* it's (?Naomi??) Campbell but am by no
>> means certain -- someone on the list is sure to know!
>Marion Campbell; Naomi Mitchison wrote the foreword for a 1998 edition.

Thank you!  I knew there was a Naomi-ish feeling in the back of my mind,
and I thought the Campbell was probably right.  One of those nightmare
moments when one finds oneself thinking "Richard Shakespeare?  No, um,
Peter Shakespeare?"

>It's one of the 25 books I'd keep if I could only keep 25 books.

Yes, me too, which is why I am rather put out that I can find neither the
stripped copy I found on a skip outside WH Smith after I'd lost my first
copy, nor the one I was given less than a month ago.  (I didn't miss the
cover art from that particular edition, and it came a something of a shock
to the system when I encountered it recently: it was put forward as the
single most misleading though technically not absolutely wrong cover ever
printed, by the publisher-turned-bookshop-owner who gave it to me when he
heard I couldn't find my copy....  Sort of space-armoured-bitch-goddess
meets bronze-age-swordsman, all sharp edges and elbow-spikes.)

>And another unexpected Arthurian story, that's next to it on my shelf:
>_Excalibur_ by Sanders Anne Laubenthal, set (mostly) in modern-day
>Mobile, Alabama.

Noted as a recommendation: thank you!  (Well, if you feel that way about
TDT I trust your judgement.)

Oh, whilst we are here and Naomi Mitchison is in the post: how did you take
to *Memoirs of a Spacewoman*?


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