DVD regions

Anita Graham amgraham at cygnus.uwa.edu.au
Fri Sep 19 10:08:04 EDT 2003

We bought a DVD player about a year ago, and at that time most of the
machines we looked at were multi region. A few of the really, really
cheap ones weren't. At one very respectable department store a salesman
told us "a friend of his" could unlock a single region DVD player so
that it was multi-region. (We didn't buy there, btw). We did buy
Multi-region. I am pretty sure our 4-5 year old TV has NTSC mode too, so
it's not totally unlikely that people's TVs and DVDs will be able to
play imported discs.

It makes one wonder why they bothered with the multi-region stuff in the
first place!

> Both DVDs and videos purchased in the US may not play
> on Australian machines. With DVDs you need a machine
> that can play discs from all regions (mine can't but
> my daughter's can and I've never bothered to find out
> if the one on my computer can) while with videos you
> need a machine with NTSC (or whatever its called)
> playback (which many recent machines have), if
> purchsed from Amazon UK (or Germany) videos should be
> OK as all three countries use PAL.
> Jon

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