Help wanted: arthurian novels

minnow at minnow at
Fri Sep 19 04:32:00 EDT 2003

Jon suggested

>If anyone has access the "The encyclopedia of fantasy"
>that, I'm sure, will list many others. I won't get a
>chance to look up mine until after the weekend.
>And of course there is "Monty Python and the Holy

<reaches for FE>

<contemplates the entry on "Arthur">

Blimey, Mike went to town a bit there....  Big, innit?

Is the EncFant not cheating?  I mean, aren't we meant
to stick to books we have read and liked?  Otherwise
I don't see how we can easily give recommendations:
the thing might be a complete turkey if all we have to
go by is an entry in the FE.  There's entries in there
on authors I wouldn't at all suggest as worth reading.


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