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I developed a strong allergy to things Arthurian some 30 years ago, and 
comparitively few things based on it are things I have found tolerable. Some, I 
manage without a blink, however. Hexwood, of course. And, somehow most of Phyllis 
Ann Carr's bits and pieces. There are a few ofhers, But not many considering 
the field.

However, if you can handle the idea of an AU interpretation of the world of 
King Arthur, I can recco a rather engaging one. Theresa Edgerton has written a 
couple of trilogies set in a world in which she seems to have taken the 
Arthurian Cycle, brushed it off, tweaked it, renamed the characters adjusted thir 
backgrounds slightly reworked the world and set a number of new invented wonders 
abroad in it and let it go. The basic situation is immediately recognizable, 
but the whole is changed enough that you cannot take very much for granted, 
and you are released from the curse of knowing how it all ends.

The actual stories concern secondary characters rathert than the King and 
Queen themselves. 

They all came out a number of years ago, so they may be hard to find.

The first trilogy;
Child of Saturn
The Moon in Hiding
The Work of the Sun

The second trilogy, concerning two of the younger characters of the first;
The Castle of the Silver Wheel
The Grail and the Ring
The Moon and the Thorn
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