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> So reassure me, the kitchen isn't another word for the dining-room in 
> America, is it?

Nope. And   American public schools don't have refectories. Much too 
high-falutin a term for us Amerikans. Most schools have "cafeterias" which are 
adjacent to the kitchens.

>>I read the posted comment "American schools do nearly always have full 
kitchens." as meaning that there is no shortage of food to be cooked for the 
students at American schools.<

Well, primary through High Schools traditionally do serve hot lunches, 
(although a lot of the kids bring a packed lunch from home). In the kind of inner 
city schools that enforce uniforms, a fair percentage of the kids have some form 
of welfare chit entitling them to either lunch or a reduced rate for lunch or 
sometimes even, breakfast. 

When I was in elementary school, kids who lived close enough could even go 
home for lunch. I doubt that is the case now. Most campuses are closed.

Once you hit college or junior college all bets are off. I remember we mostly 
ate out of the machines in the student union once we were out of High school.
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