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I have just looked up the SCISweb data base for
"Arthur, King - Fiction". SCISweb is the cenral
cataloging service for Australian school libraries and
can be very useful for this sort of thing, but it is
subscriber only. It has 131 entries for this heading
although many are duplicates, many of these are books
I do not know; (I shall omit titles already mentioned)

Animaniacs in Sir Yaksalot and the dragon / adapted by
Matthew Lewis ; based on a television script by Paul
Rugg ; drawings by Tony Cervone. 

Arthur, King / Dennis Lee Anderson.

Arthur / Stephen Lawhead. 

At the crossing-places / Kevin Crossley-Holland. 

Avalon : the return of King Arthur / Stephen R.

Battle for Camelot / adapted by Nancy E. Krulik. 

Black horses for the king / Anne McCaffrey. 

Camelot chronicles : heroic adventures from the time
of King Arthur / edited by Mike Ashley. 

Camelot / edited by Jane Yolen ; illustrated by
Winslow Pels. 

Chronicles of the Holy Grail / edited by Mike Ashley. 

Crimson chalice / Victor Canning. 

Doom child / Moses Aaron. 

Dragon lord / David Drake. 

Dragon's boy : a tale of young King Arthur / Jane

Down the long wind / Gillian Bradshaw. 

Druid sacrifice / Nigel Tranter.

Eagles' brood / Jack Whyte. 

Enemy of God : a novel of Arthur / Bernard Cornwell. 

Excalibur : a novel of Arthur / Bernard Cornwell. 

Excalibur / edited by Richard Gilliam, Martin H.
Greenberg, and Edward E. Kramer. 

Fort at River's Bend / Jack Whyte. 

Grail murders / Michael Clynes. (Ive read this one and
although it involves the grail it is set in the time
of henry 8 and is only marginally Arthurian)

Grail / Stephen Lawhead. 

Green knight / Keith Brumpton. 

Guenevere : the child of the Holy Grail : a novel /
Rosalind Miles.

Guenevere : the queen of the summer country : a novel
/ Rosalind Miles. 

Hawk's gray feather : a book of the Keltiad / Patricia

Hedge of mist / Patricia Kennealy-Morrison. 

Hexcalibur / by Kate Tym ; adapted from an original
episode by Glenn Leopold. 

High queen : the tale of Guinevere and King Arthur
continues / Nancy McKenzie. 

I am Mordred : a tale from Camelot / Nancy Springer. 

I am Morgan le Fay : a tale from Camelot / Nancy

Imkeumnimeui k'al / [retold by] Kim Yong-seong. (I
looked this one up, it is a Korean adaption of the
Disney movie of The sword in the stone)

Isaac Asimov's Camelot / edited by Gardner Dozois and
Sheila Williams. 

King & Raven / Cary James. 

King Arthur : a graphic classic / by Terry M. West. 

King Arthur's bones / Terry Deary ; illustrated by
Martin Remphry. 

Kingmaker / Helen Hollick. 

Knight of the sacred lake : a novel / Rosalind Miles. 

Knights of the round table / by Ellen Kushner ;
illustrated by Judith Mitchell. 

Merlin and the dragons / Jane Yolen ; illustrated by
Li MIng. 

Merlin awakes / Graham Howells. 

Oak above the kings / Patricia Kennealy-Morrison. 

Parzival and the stone from heaven : a grail romance
retold for our time / Lindsay Clarke. 

Parzival the quest of the Grail Knight / retold by
Katherine Paterson. 

Pendragon chronicles : heroic fantasy from the time of
King Arthur / edited by Mike Ashley. 

Pendragon / Stephen Lawhead. 

Pendragon's banner : being the second part of a
trilogy / Helen Hollick. 

Pup in King Arthur's court / by Joanne Barkan ;
[illustrations by Arvis Stewart]. 

Queen of Camelot : the tale of Guinevere and King
Arthur / Nancy McKenzie. 

Quest for Camelot : a storybook / by James Patrick. 

Quest for Camelot / [adapted by Kimberly Weinberger].

Quest for King Arthur / by Ruth Ashby ; illustrated by
Scott Caple. 

Return to Shalott / Felicity Pulman. 

Road to Camelot / edited by Sophie Masson. 

Search for Excalibur / adapted by Nancy E. Krulik. 

Shalott / Felicity Pulman. 

Shalott : the final journey / Felicity Pulman. 

Sir Gadabout gets worse / Martyn Beardsley ;
illustrated by Tony Ross. 

Sir Gadabout / Martyn Beardsley ; illustrated by Tony

Sleeping sword / Michael Morpurgo. 

Sorcerer : metamorphosis / Jack Whyte. 

Squire's tale / by Gerald Morris. 

Stolen lake / Joan Aiken ; illustrated by Pat

Sword in the scone / Keith Brumpton. 

Sword of the rightful king : a novel of King Arthur /
Jane Yolen. 

Taliesin / Stephen Lawhead. 

Taliesin's telling / Fay Sampson. 

Third Magic / Welwyn Wilton Katz. 

Throne of Scone : a book of the Keltiad / Patricia

Two children in King Arthur's court / by Rowena Cory

Uther / Jack Whyte. 

Warner Bros. Quest for Camelot : a novelization / by
J.J. Gardner. 

Winter king : a novel of Arthur / Bernard Cornwell. 

Quite a long list there, it should be noted that it
makes no pretense at being complete, subject
cataloging for fiction is fairly recent so any title
cataloged more than ten years ago is probably not in
the list, and it it only covers books that are in
school libraries in Australia and New Zealand. Some of
the titles are only marginally Arthurian.


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