Help wanted: arthurian novels

Charles Butler hannibal at
Thu Sep 18 18:10:02 EDT 2003

> No one seems to have mentioned "The Seeing Stone" series which I haven't
> read but there was a buzz about it for a while

I've had the first one sitting on my to-be-read shelf for about 18 months
now - has anyone read it? Is it worth my getting it down? (The author is
Kevin Crossley-Holland, btw.)

Otherwise, there are revived Arthurian Merlins (as opposed to the Conspiracy
variety) in C.S. Lewis's *That Hideous Strength* and Peter Dickinson's *The
Weathermonger*, and I suppose one should also mention Mark Twain's
Connecticut Yankee - though the latter two are rather painful reads for
paid-up Arthurians. Catherine Fisher's *Corbenic* came up on the list a few
months ago. As for retellings, I was brought up on Roger Lancelyn Green,
though I expect that would be a bit old-fashioned now (old-fashioned in a
bad way, that is). And I remember enjoying John Steinbeck's attempt - *The
Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights* or something like that. But
nothing beats Malory, IMHO.


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