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Parke Godwin has written a trilogy, two books of which
are Arthurian, and essentially non-fantasy (iirc)
"Firelord" and "Beloved Exile" the latter is a "what
happened after" book about Guinevere. There other book
in the trilogy is about St Patrick and called "The
last rainbow". He has also edited a collection called
"invitation to Camelot".  There is another anthology
called "That way lies Camelot" ed by Janny Wurts.
>From Australia is a trilogy by Sharron Pullman (sp?)
the first of which is called "Shallot" and also a
recent collection of short stories (can't recall
title) which includes stories by Garth Nix (I'm sure)
and Sally Odgers (who may be able to provide details).
Vera Chapman wrote an Arthurian trilogy published in
one volume as "the Three Damosels", I seem to recall
that the cover of one of the seperate books has the
Green Knight on the cover.
About 50 years ago H Warner Munn wrote an Arthurian
series comprising "King at the world's edge",
"Merlin's ring" and "ship from Atlantis" which takes
place iirc in America after the traditional stories.
If anyone has access the "The encyclopedia of fantasy"
that, I'm sure, will list many others. I won't get a
chance to look up mine until after the weekend.
And of course there is "Monty Python and the Holy


--- minnow at wrote:
> Rosemary Sutcliff, both *A Sword At Sunset* for the
> "this is how it might
> have really been, no magic at all involved, no,
> honest" thing, and for a
> more traditional with-magic retelling, *The Light
> Beyond the Forest*, *The
> Sword and the Circle* and *The Road to Camlann*.
> Peripheral to the central Arthurian canon, she also
> did a *Tristan and Iseult*.
> If you want a seriously different retelling of T&I,
> there's a book called
> *The Dark Twin*, but I can't find my copy and can't
> remember the author's
> name.  I *think* it's (?Naomi??) Campbell but am by
> no means certain --
> someone on the list is sure to know!
> Minnow
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