Help wanted: arthurian novels

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No one seems to have mentioned "The Seeing Stone" series which I haven't
read but there was a buzz about it for a while

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> I was teaching Sir Gawain and the Green Knight today (ObDWJ, her husband
> has written criticism on the poem), and my class surprised me with an
> upswelling of interest in all things Arthurian. I said I would give them
> some recommendations for further reading, both medieval and modern. What I
> want to ask you, the list, is whether those books by Bernard Cornwell are
> any good. I ask because they seem to be so readily available. I was going
> to suggest TH White, Mary Stewart, and of course Mists of Avalon for
> retellings, and Susan Cooper and Robertson Davies as people who use the
> legend without actually retelling. Any other suggestions?

Idylls of the King, in verse, is also quite readable.

Someone did interesting things with Gawain and the Green Knight in Gerald
Morris' _The Squire's Tale_

There's an interesting series that I can't remember the name of or the
author, it will come to me and I'll send it when I get home.

Has anyone ever read Sharan Newman's, or Rosalind Miles', interpretations?
There was another series by Persia Wooley.

Phyllis Ann Karr wrote _The Idylls of the Queen_ which was an interesting

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